Profection year chart meaning

Profections are one of the oldest, most important, and easiest of the ancient predictive techniques. In this series, we will explore profections and how to combine them with other predictive techniques. Many people are familiar with transits. Transits are by far the most common predictive technique used today. However, in traditional astrology, they were viewed as rather superficial and insignificant in themselves.

They gained significance when they involved planets that in some way were activated during that period. Planets become activated by being Time Lords. No, these are not the type of Time Lords that fly around the universe in a telephone booth.

Time Lords are planets that by some predictice technique become highlighted and gain a greater bearing or influence over a certain period of time. Prediction starts with a proper understanding of the birth chart. While Time Lord systems are largely absent in modern astrology, they were the mainstay of ancient predictive astrology, and they continue to be a popular feature of Indian astrology today. In Hellenistic astrology, there were many types of Time Lord systems and they were discussed by many different astrologers.

Valens was a traveling astrologer who picked up techniques from many different astrologers in his time. The bulk of his huge Anthology is devoted to natal predictive techniques of all sorts, which astrologers are still exploring, testing, and coming to understand.

While most Time Lord systems that will be discussed on this blog were introduced during the Hellenistic period and most are reported from Valensthere are also some Time Lord systems that were introduced by the Persians, such as the Firdaria system.


In any Time Lord system, the emphasis is on activation of the natal chart. Also, there are Time Lord techniques that activate signs, places, and particular configurations of the chart. Transits and other predictive techniques, such as solar and lunar revolutions i. While there are other important Time Lord techniques, I find profections to be one of the most valuable and the easiest to use.

Profections are a good first and foundational predictive technique to learn. After learning profections, one can get into other Time Lords and predictive techniques. There are few Time Lord systems, or even predictive techniques, more ubiquitous and universal in Hellenistic and Persian astrology than profections.

It is truly one of the most vital predictive methods of ancient astrology, and was discussed much more frequently than transits. Paulus gave one of the clearer expositions of the basic technique Ch. Dorotheus begins Book IV of his work with a thorough analysis of the lord of the year as revealed by the annual profection. When a native is born, the lord of the year is the lord of the house [ascendent] in which the native was born.

Thus count from the ascendent a year for each sign until you reach the year which you desire; the lord of that house is the lord of the year. Look at the lord of this sign, whether it is a benefic or a malefic, and in the base-nativity how its position was and in which foundation it was. Dorotheus, Book IV, Ch. He goes on to discuss how to analyze the lord of the year and how to use it to aid in analysis of the solar return chart.

The two quotes above illustrate the annual profections, which is the most basic and most important form of profections. This is an annual shift from one sign to the next for each year of life, beginning with the rising sign. The technique is easy and requires no fancy computer software, as there are no specific degrees involved, but rather just discrete hops from one place in the chart to the next at intervals of time.

To illustrate, if someone was born with Pisces rising, then Pisces is the 1st Place or House, and Jupiter is the Lord of the Year for their first year of life age 0.

On the solar return the moment the Sun returns to its natal position, typically near the birthdayat age 1, the Ascendant profects to the 2nd Place. As Pisces was rising, the 2nd Place is Aries. Its ruler, Mars, becomes Lord of the Year.

Where will the Ascendant profect when they are 18 years old? What about at age 44? Another way to find profections is to simply use the age itself and count forward or backwards from a multiple of 12, as all multiples of 12 will be the 1st Place.Oh the wardrobe purging and replacing that has gone these past 12 months! In fact, it comes out of the technique of profections. Every year after is a 2nd house year, which is when you turn 1, 13, 25, 37, 49, 61, 73 and onwards.

Once you know the house connected to your current age, you can plot your experience of life via the topics and themes of each of the 12 houses. Since there are just 12 houses, every 12 years you revisit the same themes, but of course with new wisdom and experience, and with hopefully improved or at least changed circumstances. What profected house is your age highlighting? This is called a time lord.

This planet will be the traditional ruling planet of the sign on the profected house cusp. If your profected house by age is the 7th House, look at the sign on the cusp. Whatever its ruling planet is becomes your Lord of the Year. Scorpio there? Then Mars is your Lord of the Year. This planet becomes a guiding influence — for better or worse — for your year ahead.

Benjamin Dykes, Traditional Astrology for Today. Next, check the placements and themes of your profected house in your natal chart. For instance, everyone turning 30 or 42 will be in a 7th house year BUT each person will have different planets in their 7th house, and a different sign ruling the cusp. If you have Mars in your 7th House, then your Mars themes — developing or managing assertiveness in partnerships, dealing with a little tension, the impact other people have on your decision making process, that type of thing — are highlighted for that year.

Since this is an activation of an existing birth chart or natal theme, your profected house brings you a chance to dive into the topics of each house and their associated planet influences more deeply. In contrast think about the different themes, experiences and needs of someone who might have Venus or the Moon in their 7th House. They then personalise how that year goes for you.

I have a LOT of planets in my 1st House, which helped make being 36 such a busy, full and exciting year. We bought a new home, sold our existing house, spent an extended time travelling 6 weeks in Australia! I have no planets in the 2nd House, so I look forward to life settling down, and being able to take my financial and income goals to the next level. Learn how your comment data is processed. Super interesting! Is there a chart or graph anywhere that can speed up the process of figuring out what year is which house?

I think a quick google search will point you in the right direction. I agree, writing them all out in a visual diagram would give a quick and easy reference for sure. Just a few numbers! I was always interested in knowing which houses rule which age, so this is a great article!

So I think my place in the workplace will be the focus — I just added a part time job to my work that helps the elderly — and I have been thinking about becoming more healthier.

I also want to take a shot at pursuing my passion, so maybe others out there will also help service me?? And yes, Jupiter in your profected house can help bring rewards for all the hard work your Time Lord Saturn will ask for.

Hi Kelly A traditional astrology program called Morinus calculates profections with charts. There are 2 versions. Both are the same but the newer version calculates the lots. Hope this helps and Happy birthday. I find profections fascinating.What are annual profections? Why are they important? There are so many transits going on at a given time that it can be difficult to figure out which ones you should be paying more attention to.

So, how does this work? Step 1: Use your age to find what profection year you are in.

profection year chart meaning

Every year of your life is associated with a different sign and house topic. From the time you are born to your 1st birthday, you are in a 1st house profection.

From the time you turn 1 to the time you turn 2 is your 2nd house profection. From the time you turn 2 to the time you turn 3 is your 3rd house profection. This keeps going round and round, so you are in a 1st house profection when you are at ages 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, etc. You are always in a 2nd house profection when you are at ages 13, 25, 37, 49, You are always in a 3rd house profection when you are at ages 14, 26, 38, 50, 62, etc.

You can also use this fancy wheel to figure it out. The profected sign, house and ruler indicate the planet, part of the zodiac and areas of life that will be most important in that year. Think about the topics of the profected house. Think about what the profected planet signifies, and what house it occupies and which house s it rules in your chart. Step 3: Pay attention to the transits, ingresses and stations to and from the annually profected planet.

Step 4: Consider if you have any natal planets in the profected sign and house. For example, if you were born with Saturn in Gemini 12th, and you came to a 12th house Gemini annual profection, while Mercury would be the annually profected planet, so would Saturn.

Step 5: Pay attention to the transits through the annually profected sign. So we know that the topics of his career and reputation Aries 10thas well as children, creations and entertainment Scorpio 5th are connected with bold, destructive or transgressive materials or material possessions Mars in 2nd.

We could expect different facets of this combination to come out under Aries, Leo and Scorpio profections. When he turned 21 years old on September 24thhe started an Aries 10th house profection, highlighting the topic of career and reputation. In Novemberhe received attention and renown for popular advertisements he made for a coffee company, which featured his puppets engaging in surprisingly violent slapstick humor with explosions.

We can see here how Mars informs what his reputation is associated with, especially in regards to the 2nd house of material stuff: violent puppets which he cut up and stitched together himself in his workshop.


So again, we can see how this ties together the topics of his career and reputation, the topic of Mars in the 2nd and the creation of puppets, but also more specifically the topic of children since Mars also rules the 5th house of children and entertainment.

Though Henson is usually known for family and child-friendly entertainment, audiences were shocked by the dark and frightening imagery. The Mars retrograde in Libra of coincided with his attempts to go back and redub the voice track before the film premiered. Despite lukewarm reception at the box office, Henson called it the work he was most proud of accomplishing, and its reputation soared over the next few decades becoming a cult hit.

Even though Jim Henson has passed away, his children have taken the reins of his properties, and the Jim Henson Creature Workshop still creates incredible puppets for movies and commercials, and the Muppets are still entertaining children and families through Disney.

This reminds us of how Mars operates in his chart, placed in the 2nd, ruling the 5th and 10th. Annual Profections can also give you more specific information about transits.

His Mercury is in Scorpio, the 3rd whole sign house, showing the associated topics to be a major area of focus in his life. The 3rd house is associated with siblings, which is interesting because his brother Roy Disney was his business partner, co-founder and financial handler of his entertainment empire. We also know Walt Disney was obsessed with trains and cars, and the notions of mobility and short trips are another signification associated with the 3rd house.

In addition to ruling the 1st, Mercury also rules his 10th house, the house associated with his career and reputation. Keep an eye out for themes related to these topics in the following example!

Walt Disney turned 26 years old on December 5thentering a 3rd house annual profection in Scorpio, containing Mercury, the ruler of his 1st and 10th, and ruled by Mars in Capricorn in the 5th. This would emphasize transits in Scorpio, transits by Mars as the ruler of Scorpio, and transits by Mercury since it is in Scorpio natally.When most of us use astrology to get an idea of our year ahead, we often look at transits and the solar return chart.

These are fantastic tools that can provide a ton of good information. But let me add one more to your toolbox: profections. Profections are an ancient technique based in the astrology of ancient Greece. The general idea is that each year of our life corresponds to a different house, which circles around the zodiac in procession.

Anyone who has raised children will automatically see the connection here. The first year of life is entirely centered around getting basic needs met, which is perfect for the House of Self. And once we get to the 12 th house, we start right back at the 1 st house again. The ruler of that sign is considered the ruler of the year, and will its influence will be felt broadly.

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So, for instance, say you are turning From the chart, we can see that means that you are entering a 4 th house year. And say, looking at your natal chart, that you have Sagittarius on the 4 th house cusp. Then you are in luck! This would make Jupiter the ruler of year, which is as good as it gets. Given that the 4 th house is involved, you can expect a happy home life, possibly trips abroad, and maybe even moving your home, likely to a far better location.

In August, I entered a Saturn-ruled year. Since then, I have been working like crazy. Nothing Saturn-based is ever easy. But a few years ago, this would have been impossible.

Somehow, though, this year I have the internal reserves to keep moving forward. That is thanks to Saturn. So if you want to get a sense of the flavor of your upcoming year, I highly recommend giving profections a try.

Take a look at the chart above and tell us: what kind of year are you in? Do you feel it? I am in a 9th house year using whole sign houses I went to Portugal for a month — long journey! Last intl trip was 12 years ago. And since Mercury rules my 9th, I have been reading about 5 books at a time all year.

Saturn is in my 9th natally and I stopped an esoteric study course I had been taking for a long time. Also, Mercury rules my 6th house too — I had two surprise surgeries. Thanks Midara! This post is easy to understand and helpful. Sheds new light on my situation. I am in a 8th house in Gemini profected year so the year is ruled by Mercury which is well aspected and conjunct Venus in my fourth house, so the overall outcome before my next birthday will be a positive one, I hope.

Transits to Mercury and from Mercury this year are quite significant with Mercury as my profected ruler. Currently Mercury retrogade in my first house is driving me nuts.

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Mercury also rules my 11th house of friends and wishes, and some friendships are being transformed 8th house and might die 8th houseand some wishes 11th house are changing 8th house or might need to die 8th house.Annual Profections is a Hellenistic time-lord techniqueand yes, time-lord techniques are as cool as they sound. For example, if Jupiter is in Pisces in your 7th house, Jupiter is in charge of your relationships and will generally try to give you a bomb partner or marriage to the best of his ability.

Same when you turn another multiple of 12, another first house profection year. Need a visual? I gotchu. For example, in a 10th house profection year, you might work on getting a promotion or elevating your reputation or social standing.

In a 2nd house profection year, you might hustle to put some money in the bank. A 9th house year might see you studying abroad. When in doubt, check the profections wheel. Patience, young padawan. Next, see what sign corresponds to that house using whole sign houses.

As of right now post-SeptemberRoland is 31 years old. Checking the profection wheel, we find that Roland is in an 8th house profection year. We can expect Roland to experience activity in the 8th house area of life, or themes connected to 8th house topics. For example, Roland might have to deal with financial issues concerning money he shares with a romantic or business partner. All those fun 8th house things.

Ding ding ding! We have a time lord! The next fun thing to do is check out what the hell this planet is going to be up to until your next birthday. Super Ultra Mars. Your profected lord conjoining your natal Moon or ruler of the Ascendant could be notable. Also, take a peak at what transiting planets will contact the natal placement of your profected lord. Bonus points if a planet stations on it! Every planet has its essential significations: Venus likes to make friends and beautiful things, Mars likes to make war and cut ties, Mercury likes to figure things out and process information, etc.

Whatever it is the planet in question is made to do, it will do according to its sign placement. If the planet is in a sign it meshes well with where it has essential dignityit can do its thing fairly well. If not, it struggles. Aspects to the planet in question will affect how it operates, for better or worse. Nice aspects from nice planets are like having a friend to help you out, hard aspects from mean planets are like having some jerk always trying to screw with your plans.

Next, each planet is in charge of one or two houses or areas of life. What houses does the planet in question rule? It will be able to manage the affairs of that house either in a good way or a not-great way according to that essential dignity thing. Next, what house does it occupy? It will have a direct effect on that house, and the topics of that house will be linked to the houses it rules.

Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which means he can do fucking work and make things happen.

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Ok cool, I get that.In the first part of this series TMA Feb. First, though, I would like to expand on some statements I made previously about the different philosophical positions that were adopted by astrologers in the ancient world.

As you will see, many of the philosophical positions that were first defined in ancient times are still very relevant to the practice of astrology today. The philosophical backdrop that astrologers adopt provides the context within which they use and interpret the information derived from techniques, so I will expand on those points here before launching into a discussion about timing techniques.

The philosophical views adopted by astrologers in the Hellenistic period can be roughly divided into four distinct positions, illustrated by Diagram 1. In the earlier Mesopotamian tradition, the astrologers appear to have conceptualized the planets as being capable of sending messages to mankind from the gods about future events, but the planets themselves were not seen as actually causing these future events to occur.

Just as a clock on the wall is capable of telling you that it is in the morning without actually being the cause or reason that it isthe planets were similarly thought to be capable of giving signs of future events without necessarily being the reason that those events occur.

So, the original Mesopotamian view was that astrology works as a result of celestial phenomena acting as signs rather than causes. In the later Hellenistic tradition, the adoption of this conceptualization allowed for some flexibility in the interpretation of astrological placements, since it was understood that astrological significators were acting as symbolic representations of the things that they correlated with on Earth. At some point during the Hellenistic period, astrologers began to conceptualize the planets as being the causes of future events, either directly or indirectly.

This conceptualization reached its most elaborate form in the work of the 2nd-century astrologer Claudius Ptolemy. For example, Mars was conceptualized as being exceedingly hot and dry, and this was thought to result in specific effects in humans, such as anger or brashness, when Mars was having a prominent influence on the natal chart.

On the other hand, Saturn was conceptualized as being excessively cold and dry, and thus he became associated with qualities such as sluggishness and depression. In each case, the specific significations associated with each of the planets are byproducts of the general influence of the planets on the environment and temperament of the native.

There is some evidence that the role of the planets in acting as either signs or causes was a topic that was debated both within and outside of the astrological community during the time of the Roman Empire. It appears that, after the 2nd century C. Aside from the differing views as to the mechanism underlying astrology, there were also different opinions about the degree to which our lives and events in the world are predetermined.

profection year chart meaning

The implication is that at least some parts of the future must be arranged ahead of time. On the other end of the spectrum fell those astrologers who held that, while some things are predetermined according to the natal chart, not everything is predetermined, and there is some room for the natives to make choices that will change or alter their fate. Ptolemy is one astrologer who held this view, since he thought that the influences of the planets can sometimes be counteracted.

Another astrologer who may have held this view was Dorotheus of Sidon, and other astrologers like him, who advocated the use of electional astrology, under the presupposition that what is fated to occur is not set in stone until the moment that the inception of some venture takes place.

If one can control when something begins, then there is the possibility of manipulating the outcome as well. On the other end of the spectrum may be astrologers such as Vettius Valens, who in certain parts of his work seemed to hold the view that the planets act primarily as signs of future events, while at the same time believing that everything is completely predetermined.

For some astrologers like Dorotheus, the planets would be viewed as giving signs of future events, but the future was seen as negotiable, primarily through the use of electional astrology and its related applications. The issues that were originally raised and dealt with by astrologers during the Hellenistic and Roman periods are, I think, still very much relevant to astrologers today.

This primarily has to do with the fourfold system of planets, signs, houses, and aspects. Only when a planet becomes activated or awakened as a time-lord is it able to manifest its natal potential in the life of the native. Many of the time-lord techniques were lost during the course of the transmission of astrology over the past 2, years, and it is only recently that we have begun to recover them through the translation of ancient texts from Greek and Latin.

It is worth noting that, although the time-lord systems were lost in the West, the basic concept survived and has been practiced continually in the Indian tradition over the past 2, years. Indian astrologers refer to their equivalent set of techniques as dasha systems, and in some instances the way they apply these systems is very similar to the way the Hellenistic astrologers used the time-lord techniques.

Western astrologers may have much to gain by studying these parallels as we continue to recover these systems. The most widespread time-lord system in the Hellenistic tradition was a technique that is referred to today as Annual Profections.

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Almost every major astrologer whose work survived from the Hellenistic tradition used or referred to this technique. If Sagittarius is rising, then Jupiter becomes activated, and so on. Eventually, the rising sign becomes activated again at the age of 12, the ruler of that sign becomes the lord of the year once more, and the cycle begins again. Every twelve years, the profection returns to the rising sign, first at 12 years old, then at 24, then 36, 48, 60, and so on.

See Diagram 3 For example, say that there is a natal chart with Cancer rising. The following year, Virgo is activated, so Mercury becomes the lord of the year, and so on. Some planets in his chart are very well placed, and some are very poorly placed.

See Diagram 4 Thus, we would expect that the years in which the well placed planets are activated as time-lords would be positive ones for him, and the years in which the poorly placed planets are activated would be difficult ones for him.This is a place for to ask specific questions about your birth chart.

I was doing some research and I wanted more information about my current profection year, which is My first house is ruled by Scorpio, who is I think? My mars is also in my first house, meaning it is in its ruling sign.

As far as profection years go assuming my understanding is correctwhat does the placement of Mars in my first house profection year mean? My birthday is August 28th! Scorpio is my rising, according to chart at 2 degrees.

Mars is only planet in 1H, at 8 degrees. Mars is ruled by Aries. Pluto is ruled by Scorpio. With Mars in your first house it makes you very spontaneous. Your first house rules understanding of yourself, and new beginnings. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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profection year chart meaning

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On Birthdays, Age and the 12 Houses: Simple Profections

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